25 Signs you Might be a Neocon

Here are 25 signs that you might be a one of them new age conservatives known as Neocons…

  1. If you are skeptical of the government’s domestic agenda like meddling in the economy, regulations and Obamacare, but have unwavering faith in the government when it comes to foreign policy, you might be a neocon.
  2. If you love to talk about “freedom” and “liberty”, but support the government’s expensive and deadly war on drugs, you might be a neocon.
  3. If you are proud that you belong to the “Party of Lincoln”, a president who shredded the Bill of Rights, declared war on his own country, subsidized the railroad industry, evaporated states’ rights and destroyed any possibility of the United States to have a limited decentralized government, you might be a Neocon.
  4. If you consider Ronald Reagan, who increased the deficit and expanded government, to be your favorite president, you might be a neocon. (See my take on the real Reagan here)
  5. If you support a family values agenda, which allows the state to physically force good morality onto its subjects, you might be a neocon.
  6. If you love to talk about the constitution but ignore it when it comes to the part about the power to declare war resides with congress, you might be a neocon.
  7. If you think people who refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, which was wrote by a socialist, to be un-American, you might be a neocon. ( See why I don’t say the Pledge here)
  8. If the extent of your knowledge is conceived through mainstream news agencies or Rush Limbaugh, you might be neocon.
  9. If you’ve ever said, “I like Ron Paul except for his foreign policy”, you might be a neocon.
  10. If you are highly critically and are always knocking Obama and didn’t have this same disdain for Bush, who both have over 95% of the same policies, you might be a neocon.
  11. If you love to quote the Founding Fathers but have never really read anything they’ve ever wrote or said, you might be a neocon.
  12. If your intellectual grasp on the constitution is from what protrudes from the mouth of Bill O’Reilly or any other lame talking pundit, you might be a neocon. (See Tom Woods here)
  13. If your patriotic fervor numbs any ounce of empathy outside these imaginary borders we call a nation, you might be a neocon.
  14. If you believe that the so-called terrorists want to kill Americans because of our freedoms and not because of our government’s aggressive, inhumane foreign policy, you might be a neocon.
  15. If you hypocritically have a strong stance against abortions here at home, but the killing of innocent children by US drone strikes all over the Middle East doesn’t faze you, you might be a neocon.
  16. If you believe the Patriot Act to be patriotic, you might be a neocon.
  17. If you think that bringing the troops home from two unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is stupid because Charles Krauthammer said so, you might be a neocon.
  18. If you think that George W. Bush was a decent president even though he increased overall government spending more than any administration since LBJ, unleashed a string of undeclared and bankrupting wars and submitted to socialism to fix the “free-market”, you might be a neocon.
  19. If you believe, in defiance of our Founding Fathers, in preemptive war to achieve desired ends, you might be a neocon.
  20. If you naively think that a nation can have a limited government while at the same time maintaining an empire, you might be a neocon.
  21. If you think that George Washington’s warning  to “steer clear of entangling alliances with any portion of the foreign world was misguided, and cling to an unconditional support for Israel, no matter the cost, you might be a neocon.
  22. If you vote for the lesser of two evils in national elections and don’t realize that you’re still voting for evil when you do this, you might be a neocon.
  23. If you insanely  want to bomb Iran even though it’s been shown that they’ve stopped their program to build nuclear weapons and are willing to talk to the US government, you might be a neocon.
  24. If you believe Marco Rubio is the future for the conservative movement, even though he voted for the NDAA bill that demolishes individual liberty, you might be a neocon.
  25. If you’re going to vote for Mitt Romney, who was the author of Obamacare, supported the $7 trillion Medicare part D and the 2008 bailouts, and really in your heart believe that things are finally going to change, you might be the biggest neocon of them all. (I explain why I don’t vote here)

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Vote

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” 

~Emma Goldman

The main reason I don’t vote anymore is because it doesn’t matter. It’s futile and a waste of precious time. When the media, politicians or academia tell you that your voice matters, they’re lying to you. Your voice is useless. They know that, but you don’t.

I bet some of you right now reading this think that I’m either a wacko or just pure wrong. But I’d also bet that you can’t tell me one example when voting really impacted your life. Let’s be honest with ourselves, voting in a democracy amplified by imperialism and  controlled by financial vultures and military interests is a charade. It’s just a manufactured illusion to get the masses to assume that they’re being governed with their own approval. Voting is consenting to be ruled by unlawful men. I stopped consenting. And you should too. Butler Shaffer put it perfectly when he wrote “If I am of the view that politics is destroying our world – and let us not forget that politics managed to kill off some 200,000,000 of our fellow humans in the 20th century alone – am I prepared to direct my energies into such a destructive system?”

Here are the top 5 reasons why I don’t vote…

  1. There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. This should be the most obvious and apparent reason not to vote. But most folks actually believe there is a difference.  Both parties believe in deficits, debt, endless wars, loose monetary policy, corporate-welfare and coercion. Both parties want to obliterate our civil liberties. Obama ran his campaign as a polar opposite of G. Bush. Amazingly, his presidency is like Bush on steroids. They both have over 90% of the same policies. And what’s crazy is, Obama has actually extended the Bush wars and illegally invaded a few more countries unconstitutionally. He has actually been worse than Bush on Wars. Who would’ve thunk it? And the Republicans think he’s weak on Foreign Policy? What? I’d hate to see who else they would’ve bombed. Obama also raved against,with good reason, the Patriot Act implemented by Bush that allows the government to wiretap phones, spy on emails and conduct warrantless searches. Everything opposite of a so-called free country. So when Obama took office, not only did he not abolish this horrific law, but he signed something extremely worse. The NDAA bill gives the president the power to assassinate American citizens who he deems a threat without due process. Democrats are supposed to stand for civil liberties. Obama has obliterated the Bill of Rights. For more on this, click for my blog here.  The two-party system is set up for the people to blame the other side rather than government as a whole. It also restricts and isolates anyone who might think outside the boundaries of the Republican or Democrat chain of thought.
  2. Voting is unethical. All American politicians abide by the principal of using force to alter behavior. They believe in spreading they’re ideas-whether domestic or foreign- through coercion and compulsion. So by voting, you indirectly endorse the use of physical force and violence to correct behavior on people who harm no one. I don’t believe that the state should be allowed to kidnap an individual and throw them in a cage for smoking a plant. I do not believe the notion that the government should have first dibs on the fruits of my labor. I don’t believe the government has the right to invade other countries without a declaration of war. I don’t believe in the pentagon using massive drone strikes around the globe that is resulting in the murder of innocent children. All politicians endorse these criminal acts and so voting for them is to be complicit to their crimes.                                                                            
  3. Voting is theft. Most people vote, not for the candidate, but for what they offer.  Poor people vote for Democrats, because they promise them welfare checks. Defense contractors vote for Republicans, because they promise them wars. Farmers vote for whoever is going subsidize them the most. Christians vote for Republicans because they support religious programs and fund a family values agenda. The unemployed vote for whoever’s going to extend unemployment benefits. Senior citizens vote for whoever funds Medicare and social security. So the whole voting scheme is picking someone on a ballot who promises to steal money from productive people and give it to them or they’re institution. Or they vote to restrain by law other people’s action they don’t agree with. Whether its money or freedom…its theft. As William Graham Sumner once wrote, “The history of the human races is one long story of attempts by certain persons and classes to obtain control of the power of the State, so as to win earthly gratifications at the expense of others.”
  4. Democracy is a horrible form of government…so I refuse to participate in the whole system. Democracy is a cute little professional name for mob rule. It’s when 51% of the people have their way over the remaining 49%. I don’t vote because I don’t want to impose my views or system on you as I would not like for you to impose your views or system on me. The founders of our Nation thought democracy a harmful form of government. They realized it always led to despotism, which we are witnessing now, and then strangles itself to death in the end. John Adams understood this when he stated that “democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” Finally, in the great words of H.L Menken, “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
  5. Voting makes you think politically instead of economically or individually to fix problems in society. When we vote, we are giving the approval to some self-serving politician to fix the troubles in our community. When a crisis stirs the community or the nation, we tend to look for someone to rule over us and tell us what to do instead of choosing to deal with it ourselves. Instead of looking to the state for a remedy, we should start looking to ourselves to improve our own way of life and the lives of others. Politics and central planning is the problem we have to overcome.

In truth, America is run by a few elite. We’ve evolved into an oligarchy in the worse way. Every four years these elite put on a show called elections. The masses participate in this show falsely believing they’ve inherited the opportunity to change their country’s destiny. Unfortunately they play right into the oligarchy’s hands.  This false impression is what leads us down the same road decade after decade. And just as Goethe said, “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” So if you cherish individual freedom and self-sovereignty…don’t vote. Revolutionary change always begins with the withdrawal of the people’s consent to be ruled over.

Why Men Make More Money than Women

A couple of days ago it was National Equal Pay Day. It’s one of those days the government uses to pit one group against another. This day is to show how women make less money than men. So along with this so-called discriminatory day comes some highly misguided Facebook posts and mass emails from the folks that fall for such propaganda. This post is to debunk such erroneous statistic used to show the pay gap between women and men as discriminatory.

From the White House’s own website it states this National Equal Pay Day…

Working women power America’s economy and sustain our middle class. For millions of families across our country, women’s wages mean food on the table, decent medical care, and timely mortgage payments. Yet, in 2010 — 47 years after President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 — women who worked full-time earned only 77 percent of what their male counterparts did. The pay gap was even greater for African American and Latina women, with African American women earning 64 cents and Latina women earning 56 cents for every dollar earned by a Caucasian man. National Equal Pay Day represents the date in the current year through which women must work to match what men earned in the previous year, reminding us that we must keep striving for an America where everyone gets an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work.

Now looking at this statistic on the surface without using any critical thinking, you’d think this was unfair and discriminatory. But the problem with this is that they don’t explain why men make 77% more than women. Deliberately of course. They just throw some imprudent stat up on its website and expect the sheep to regurgitate it up for their talking points. It works every time. The state loves to exploit unequal statistics.

There are a lot of sociological and psychological factors that contribute to the large pay gap between women and men. The government and media tend to leave these factors out when promoting such injustice.

What they don’t tell you is that women tend to pick careers for self-fulfillment rather than money. Men usually pick hazardous and more strenuous jobs while women usually settle for cushy and safer jobs. They don’t tell you that women are 9 times more than likely to drop out of work due to family reasons. Or that men have half the absenteeism rate of women. Men are also most likely to take jobs that require travel and paid commission while their counterparts take the 9 to 5 kind of jobs. Women look for job security while men tend to take higher risks (=higher rewards). The great Murray Rothbard explains it like this…

The lower average income for women can be explained on several grounds, none of which involve irrational “sexist” discrimination. One is the fact that the overwhelming majority of women work a few years, and then take a large chunk of their productive years to raise children, after which they may or may not decide to return to the labor force. As a result, they tend to enter, or to find, jobs largely in those industries and in that type of work that does not require a long-term commitment to a career. Furthermore, they tend to find jobs in those occupations where the cost of training new people, or of losing old ones, is relatively low. These tend to be lower-paying occupations than those that require a long-term commitment or where costs of training or turnover are high. This general tendency to take out years for child-raising also accounts for a good deal of the failure to promote women to higher-ranking, and therefore higher-paying jobs, and hence for the low female “quotas” in these areas. It is easy to hire secretaries who do not intend to make the job their continuing life work; it is not so easy to promote people up the academic or the corporate ladder who do not do so. How does a dropout for motherhood get to be a corporate president or a full professor?

Government statistics are very manipulative and are used to justify its expansion and intrusion in society. And usually with its unwarranted mandates come greater injustice than if they did nothing. The state and media created an illusion that businesses are sexist toward women. This is highly inaccurate and deliberately misleading.

A great book to pick up is Why Men Earn More: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap And What Women Can Do About It by Warren Farrell. He analyzes the social implications that cause women to get paid less than men and offers some solutions to tighten the gap. Though I don’t agree with everything in the book, it’s a great reference to intellectually expose the superficial talking points from some mindless MSNBC pundit.

By using the power of the state to increase wages for women is actually doing more harm to them. By raising the cost of women’s labor artificially through laws, regulations and mandates is actually lowering the demand for such work. Economics 101. The higher the price the lower the demand. Equal pay legislation will actually make women poorer and men richer in the long run. Legislators don’t consider any of these social or biological factors when forming laws. This is why they do more harm than good and leave society even more lopsided than before they intervened. Freedom and markets is what pulls people out of poverty, not the state.

Lincoln, Wilson & FDR: Mythical Presidents and Americans Who Worship Them

The characteristics of a great president are one who abides by the constitution, protects individual freedom, doesn’t overreach their designated powers and honestly represents the people of the country. So my question is: Why are Lincoln, Wilson and FDR always considered by academia, media, historians and most people, the greatest presidents in American history?

All three of these men as president overreached their designated powers, ignored the constitution and failed at peace. These three presidents took on a dictatorial role in governing this country and exploited the will of the people. And coincidentally, all three participated in the biggest wars the modern world has seen. Should these presidents be celebrated and admired for overseeing the most bloodiest and avoidable wars in our countries short history? And then on the other hand, peaceful presidents like Grover Cleveland who vetoed 2/3 of all bills that came to his desk because he actually abided by the constitution, barely make a history book, let alone a face on Mount Rushmore.

Abraham Lincoln, practically worshiped by the both political parties, is arguable America’s first real dictator. As all other civilized countries abolished slavery with peaceful measures, Lincoln plunged America into the deadliest war in its history, killing over 600,000 people. The motive of this war, according to Lincoln didn’t have anything to do with slavery. “My paramount object…”, Lincoln wrote, “is to save the Union, and is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.”

By waging war on his own country, “Lincoln did not hesitate to act as a dictator when doing so served his purpose”, according to Robert Higgs in his great book, Against Leviathan. During the war, Lincoln imprisoned political dissidents, skeptical war journalists and anyone who questioned his war effort.  He suspended the writ of habeas corpus, closed down newspapers, monitored telegrams, enacted military conscription etc. Because of Lincoln, individual liberty took a backseat to tyranny for the first time in the United States since its secession from the British Empire.

Was the death and destruction as a result of this war really justified? Or was it waged so Lincoln could “maintain boundaries of an existing federal union, as if those boundaries possessed some sacred status.” Lincoln never respected the states, congress or the constitution; seemingly, he was a manipulative politician who didn’t believe slavery worth fighting for and instead, according to Gore Vidal, had an “overriding vision: to save the Union” and form “it into a modern industrialized, national state so powerfully and tightly coherent that nothing can tear it apart again.”

Again and again we’re taught that Lincoln was an honest and noble man who cured the disease of slavery in America by virtue of his precise actions. But in reality, it’s just part of the gallant narrative to glorify the state and to rationalize the atrocities it has committed on its own people.

In the end, the war resulted with the death of 3 percent of the population (many were civilians), decades of economic stagnation and the massive expansion of the government. And Lincoln, until his dying day, insisted on the deportation of all blacks, because he truly believed they would never fit into society with the white man.

And yet, millions of Americans each year go to DC and stand in awe at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial to idolize the so-called “Great Emancipator.”

Woodrow Wilson, the intellectual academia idol, was responsible for the biggest foreign policy blunder in the past century. According to the historian Jim Powell, Wilson’s intervention in Europe during WWI “ushered in revolution, terror, runaway inflation, dictatorship and mass murder.”

During this senseless war which killed over 9 million people, Wilson used his authoritarian power to imprison people here at home who dissented against America’s intervention, labeling them “treasonous” and “traitors.” As Americans were told the troops are overseas fighting for their freedoms, here at home their freedoms were be squashed in result of the war effort.

War is always the biggest oppression of freedom, but it’s always sold to the people as the direct opposite.

A wave of totalitarian repression swept across the “land of the free” during this horrific time. Wilson’s war was waged, like all American wars, through propaganda and for economic interests. This war resulted in many unnecessary deaths, domestic tyranny and ended with the disastrous Versailles Treaty-which wrongly put the blame for the war on Germany. This inevitably led to WWII.

It should be of no surprise that Woodrow Wilson, a man who lied his nation into war and whose actions ultimately paved the road to another World War, would win the Nobel Peace prize in 1919.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is another president who is utterly praised as one of the greatest. Twelve years into FDR’s Great Depression, WW 2 was blazing in Europe. FDR promised the people that he wanted no part in involving America with another foreign war. Little did the people know that the president was hungry for this war. The polls prior to the attacks on Pearl Harbor showed a whopping 80 percent of the American public opposed to entering another war in Europe. FDR needed more support.

Thanks to America’s Freedom of Information Act and Robert Stinnett’s well-researched book, Day of Deceit, the author came to the unfortunate conclusion that FDR knew well in advance of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor. The author of this great book show’s how Japanese transmissions were indeed intercepted my the U.S government, which confirms that FDR knew of the attack prior. Evidence also shows that FDR withheld vital information from the Admirals in Pearl Harbor that could have been used to prevent the attacks. Instead of going to the people and pleading his case for American involvement in this war, Stinnett illustrates, instead, that FDR provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.  The president successfully maneuvered Japan into “firing the first shot”, his thought-out conniving plan all along. After this “surprise attack”, FDR now had overwhelming public support. The backdoor into WWII was now opened.

The truth is, FDR provoked the attack and sacrificed the lives of over 2,000 Navy men to gain support for his war effort. Americans were duped yet again into another war. Some say that FDR lying the US into war is justifiable because Hitler needed to be stopped. This is a credible argument. Hitler was an evil maniac. But so was Stalin, who FDR befriend in alliance with the war effort.

John V. Denson makes a good point in his book, A Century of War, when he writes, “A huge monument has been erected in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the ‘greatness’ of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. On the monument is a quotation from Roosevelt—‘I hate war’—indicating falsely to the public that he was a president who sought peace rather than war.” Instead of this propaganda “perpetrated upon the American people”, Denson recommends that a recording of the Pearl Harbor sailors pleading for life, trapped inside the hull of the half sunken battleship Oklahoma, be played “every hour at the Roosevelt Memorial to remind Americans of the treachery of their commander-in-chief.”

The reason we’ve been hoodwinked into worshiping these three presidents is because they embody the absolute power of the state. We’ve shed the dreams of liberty, peace and prosperity from our Founding Fathers and adopted an imperial outlook for our country. Americans love war or I should say, the idea of war. We have been conditioned to espouse the militarism mindset purveyed to us from all outlets of our society. We’ve grown accustomed to permanent war.

American patriotism is rooted in an orgy of preventable wars, totally oblivious to the ill-conceived origins and of the stifling of freedoms that comes with its aftermath. In America, the adoration for the flag and its patriotic zeal is derived from the misguided sense of the righteousness of its wars. The notion that political leaders might have a devious motive for waging a war never entertains the minds of the country’s “patriots.” The war effort always has blind support. This is how the state so easily bamboozles the masses to conform to its purposes and atrocities.

As time passes, history is written with a favorable tone toward those who led these so-called great wars. Rarely are the intentions of these leaders scrutinized or criticized. But instead, they’re glamorized with a heroic storyline. This is what gives birth to the patriotic myths of a nation. This is what gives birth to the mythical heroism we allot our political leaders.

9 Atypical Pieces of Advice for My Kids

In this unbalanced world we all inhabit it seems that reason, nowadays, is being drowned by conventional wisdom. And as history proves, conventional wisdom has been off beam most of the time and has usually led societies to destruction. Everything we have been taught is mostly askew and I think it might be time for our generation to unlearn all the bullshit that has been assailed at us for so long.

After 31 years of living on this planet, this is what I’ve learned and what I will pass on to my beautiful kids. Of course I’m going to instill in them the universal values of hard work, respect and love. But that’s not all. I’m also going to teach them principles that go against everything in our orthodox culture.

To stand apart from the madness of crowds and make their own path guided by their own individual voice is my goal for them. Here is some of the atypical advice I’ll recommend to my kids while growing up that’s probably frowned upon by most….

  • DON’T GO TO COLLEGE:… if you don’t want to. College makes you dumber and broker. All these kids are getting their little paper degrees, with no worldly experience, trying to get jobs that don’t exist, it’s a tragedy.  Most of them get out of college with unpayable debt, wrecked livers, low paying jobs and end up living with mommy for the next 10 year. It’s sad. It has been engrained in us from birth that we have to graduate High School, go to college, get a job and “make something of ourselves.” What a crock. These days, colleges are in cahoots with the federal government, who shackle the students with unforgivable federal loans for life. Government is also the cause for the insane price of tuition. Instead of college, travel and see the world. Gain real world experience in an ever-changing global economy. Or take up an apprenticeship in a field that is going to thrive in the future. Take your creativity and fuse it together with your passions and start a business. Learn a trade. Empirical and pragmatic living is the future for success.
  • DON’T EVER BUY A HOUSE: This is the biggest scam of my generation. The “American Dream” creed was propelled to us from all angles of society including the government, banks and all these dim-witted financial advisers. It’s a myth. The white picket-fence and manicured lawn kind of life doesn’t bring happiness or security. Rather just 30 years of enslavement to the bank. Stay renting. Stay mobile. It’s a rapid changing world we’re living in, don’t be confined to one spot. Mortgages are slavery. You give up dreams, desires and a whole bunch of income to interest when strapped to your wallet-draining house. Read this funny, but truthful article called “Why I Would Rather Shoot Myself in the Head than own a Home.”
  • NEVER HAVE A CAR PAYMENT: The average car payment is $400 a month. Just say you defied society norms and instead, invested that money. In 35 years you would have $1.5 million. Is a car payment really worth it? Buy beaters with cash and do it over and over again. I think $1.5 million is worth rebelling against the “status” cliché that comes with buying a new vehicle.
  • DON’T GIVE TO CHARITY: Instead, give your money directly to someone who needs it or to your church. Charities are poorly run bureaucracies that cannot efficiently allocate the resources it obtains. Use your money to start a business and hire people in the community. There is no better way to utilize your money for the betterment of society than entrepreneurship.
  • NEVER JOIN THE MILITARY: I can’t emphasize this enough. The military is run by corrupt politicians, fraudulent banksters and corporate interests. Our federal government is no longer able to restrain their imperial powers. They use the military for domination of energy rich countries in the guise of “War on Terror” to fatten the pockets of their little cronies. It’s not our grandpa’s service anymore. The nobility of it has been stripped away thanks to our bloodthirsty politicians. I highly advise you to read Eisenhower’s last speech as president in 1961. You can read it here. He knew this was coming.  Stay clear!
  • DON’T WATCH THE NEWS: The news doesn’t report what you need to hear, it reports what they think you need to hear. A great portion of what they report is all lies. They only function as the mouthpiece for the government and are owned and guided by corporate interests. Get your news from independent sources or from overseas news outlets.
  • DON’T VOTE: As Emma Goldman said once, if voting changed anything they’d make it illegal. So true. Avoid deliberately enslaving yourselves. The act of voting gives folks the illusion that they really have a voice in a democratic society. They don’t, but are oblivious to this fact. We all go to the polls every 4 years and vote for our favorite politician (whoever the powers that be have chosen of course) to be the next leader of the “free world”, expecting change. It never changes. It’s the same old political hogwash every time. We don’t learn…we’ll show up again at the polls in 4 more years expecting change. It won’t.  The founders tried to prevent this type of voting system that allows this type of tyrannical structure of majority rule. They’ve failed. We’ve failed. I equate voting to voluntary suicide. It’s a slow, drawn out process to utter ruin. Plus…have you seen who the good little citizens have voted into office in the last 100 years. Geez. They have a horrible track record.  Don’t encourage the criminals that run this country. Don’t waste your time at the polls.
  • CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS SOMETIMES NOBLE: When society is marching in unity to utter destruction, it’s not immoral to break from the ranks, no matter what the rules are. If the Nazi’s would have been disobedient to their masters and laws, millions of Jews would have never been tortured and killed. Hitler was elected by majority vote. If the Founding Fathers never had withdrawn their consent to be governed by a despotic king, there would be no America. Read Henry David Thoreau’s, Civil Disobedience, at least once a year.
  • SEEK OUT TRUTH-TELLERS (AKA RADICALS):  The truth-tellers that have challenged the conventional wisdom of every age have always been casted aside and labeled with names like “fringe lunatics” and ” radicals”. Time has proven over and over again that those same lunatics have been right majority of the time. Some examples include the Anti-Federalists, who during the revolutionary period warned that the constitution is doomed to fail and predicted a civil war in America if implemented. Another was the abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison who went against the whole social order before the Civil War and brought forth drastic measures to abolish slavery that were deemed insane.  And  Tom. T. Flynn, who during the FDR years, was one of the lone critical voices against the New Deal’s socialistic policies. These folks were on the fringe in the period of their lives but have been justified with time. They were right. The modern-day example is the Texas Congressman, Ron Paul, who daily exposes the fallacy and illusion of the two-party system, military-industrial complex and freedom. He’s the one that warned us of 9/11, a housing bust and a dollar collapse. He’s labeled loopy by the mainstream. Time will prove him right and he will be the one that mattered to your grand kids.  And as H.L Mencken put so eloquently “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”


Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War

Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War by  Andrew Bacevich

304 pages, Metropolitan Books

“Americans can ill afford to indulge any longer in dreams of saving the world, much less remaking it in our own image. The curtain is now falling on the American Century.”

In his book, Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War, Andrew Bacevich brings forth a sobering assessment of the United States foreign policy. Bacevich, a former U.S. Army colonel, spent majority of his life subject to authority and was someone who easily yielded his intellect for the conventional wisdom preached. Late in his life he came to the astonishing revelation that the “powerful…reveal truth only to the extent that it suits them” and it’s usually “wrapped in a nearly invisible filament of dissembling, deception, and duplicity.” Not truth, but public perception was what mattered to the demagogue’s in Washington.

Bacevich’s worldview fundamentally changed when he realized that the United States’ newly manifested power and its push for global leadership had underlying dubious intentions. The author awoke to the reality that “policy makers” are “heedlessly” thrusting their own country into “open-ended” global wars without any “notion of what victory would look like.” The cost of these wars with money and lives, are never methodically analyzed. To America’s corrupt policy-makers… the cost is irrelevant.

Eisenhower gave America a grave warning in his last speech as president when he stated “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplace power exists and will persist” and he went on to caution that “only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry” would be able to tame these dangerous powers that be. The president’s warning was ignored and now we are paying the price.

The US now spends as much on their military as the rest of the world combined. The Pentagon spends over $700 billion annually on endless occupations, including 761 bases in 39 different foreign countries. The empire is spread thin. The politicians and corporate thugs are fattening their pockets at the expense of soldier’s lives. They’re using our money to fight these plutocratic, self-interest wars while persuading our young kids that its their patriotic duty to fight in them.

Washington Rules starts with brief the history of the CIA.  Not long after its formation in 1947, the group started to involve itself in clandestine wars, assassinations, regime overthrows and by current definition…state-sponsored terrorism. The author reveals how the CIA hyped up the Communist scare back in the 50’s for beneficial reasons for the agency. They knew that the populace is more easily manipulated and guided when they are consumed with fear. (Exactly what the “War on Terror” has done to our generation) The goal of the CIA back then and today is to persuade Americans that nothing is “more important than national security.” We bought it back then. We buy it now.

The author continues with the shady history of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He gives details on how state-sponsored terrorism was conducted by the US to try to “unseat Castro”, which turned out to be a massive failure.  The Operation Northwoods documents prove that in 1962, U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed a series of ways, some of them deadly, to deceive the American people in order to finagle a war against Cuba. President Kennedy was determined to annihilate the Cuban Revolution at all costs. Americans, still to this day, blame the Soviet Union for the Cuban missile crises and glorify Kennedy for saving the day and for preventing WW3. This narrative is the conventional knowledge that we accept without questioning the root causes. The US governments persistent meddling, interventions, and occupations are never seen as the provoker in this bogus storyline.  The Vietnam War was no different. The US installed Ngo Dinh Diem as president of South Vietnam in 1953. One decade later, the US government “overthrew Diem and murdered him” so they could “re-energize the war against Viet Cong.” This opened the floodgates to the most unnecessary debacle of a war in our nation’s history.

This brings us to today’s wars. In attempt to keep Americans “safe”, the US government has adopted the Bush Doctrine of preventive war. The president can now take a whole nation to war without congressional approval and with very little rebuttal from the people. The number one mission of the military is for the politicians and generals to win the “hearts and minds” of the American people, for continued support for their dominating invasions. War has become “a spectacle, not a phenomenon” in our reality show, self-gratifying, illiterate culture.

Understanding the fact that the Republican Bush and the Democrat Obama are products of the same breed is the hardest actuality to try to break through the ideological barriers of a misled, two-party democracy. They’re puppets in this plutocratic, corporate-interest regime which is financially and morally bankrupting the American people. The author once stated “one of the great lies about American politics is that Democrats genuinely subscribe to a set of core convictions that make Democrats different from Republicans. And the same thing, of course, applies to the other party. It’s not true.” The two –party system is a distracter used by the state to keep folks divisive and ideologically enchained.

Furthermore, our Founding Fathers understood that nations which are defined by imperial power are destined for ruin. The “War on Terror” is the US government’s path to permanent warfare. The soldiers are instruments of the state, perversely used as show-muscle of imperial powers in which fatten the pockets of the corporate and political elite. We swallow these “War on Terror” lies continuously.

The time has come to shatter this manufactured fear with intellect and action before our once great nation turns into a Orwellian police- state nightmare. To continue on this same path is utterly insane. I would rather be free and endure the burden of chance than to be “safe” and surrender my liberties to the dishonest Oligarchy than runs our government.

After reading Washington Rules, you’ll come to a startling understanding on how the US global interventions, occupations, and wars have been the Credo in Washington ever since WW2 and if not stopped in the near future, will send our nation into a tailspin of “insolvency and perpetual war.” This book is a challenge for Americans to break free from the conformed mass-media propaganda that has saturated our minds and to confront the illusions, contradictions and deceit that our own government is displaying. Americans have become totally immune to the illegal wars their government wages all over the globe. War doesn’t faze us anymore and our empathy has been suppressed by a false set of beliefs. We as people no longer blink when the US kills hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the Middle-East or ravage small villages and the lives of poor folks. Our compassion has been diluted by patriotism. The state has molded our brains to define the term “patriotism” as meaning love for government and its agenda. When in actuality, dissent from a leviathan form of government is the highest form of patriotism. We easily accept the corrupt system of militarism/corporatism handed down to us from generation to generation. The citizens of this country seem to have “forfeited any capacity” to question our so-called “National Security” policies. One might be labeled “extreme” or “unpatriotic” if they challenge the motives of their own government.

The futility of democracy has been exposed. The people must wake up and understand that we’re being had by the biggest criminals in the country, which all reside in Washington DC. Dissent is our only hope with the truth being our strongest weapon.