In Defense of Radicals

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.”
― Bertrand Russell

On the surface and defined by a conditioned society, the word “radical” is pegged to those who hold an “extreme” opinion that falls outside the paradigm designed by the opinion makers. The opinion makers are the ruling elite who reside in government, media and academia. For brevity let’s call them the “establishment.”

Now their job is to design and peddle a narrative on how the world should be looked at by the collective. After the establishment has manufactured this so-called “public opinion” and the media sets the tone for the political debate, the masses then begin to have a conversation about the prescribed way of thinking. As the general census on the current issues sets in and meshes with the political landscape of society, the ruling elite’s mission is almost complete.

This is the time when the establishment induces minor conflicts within the narrative. As the linguistic philosopher, Noam Chomsky, pointed out, “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

The media, pushed by the establishment, instigates a little strife on some of the unimportant differences on the issues at hand. Political pundits, with haughty smiles on their faces, unleash their scripted tongues in front of the camera to fire up their base. The general public, abysmally ignorant of history, the constitution and economics, use these media voices as their only references to what’s going on. And for the most part, what people know of the world, are what they’re told by their favorite news channel.

For example, the political debate that get’s initiated might sound something like this:

Should we raise taxes on the rich? Should we be funding this program or that one? Should we tackle immigration reform? Should we use military action on Iran? Should we extend unemployment benefits? Increase the minimum wage? Healthcare Reform? Gay marriage? Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice. Medicare is bankrupt, now what? And blah, blah, blah…

Now the people, unable to critically think things out, form and promote opinions based on what their party tells them. Republicans want to tackle a problem this way and the Democrats want to do it the other way. The left promotes more government theft and regulation in the economy. The right promotes a heavy police-state and a bloated defense budget to feed a harmful Foreign Policy. The constitution, either way, is never considered when promoting these policies or ideas.

This is when the masses tend to clash over trivial matters and the political discourse becomes ugly.  Both sides of the aisle dispute over the minor differences that these issue present, oblivious, of course, to the fact that nothing ever changes in the end. The problems remain the same and are just pawned off as the other party’s fault.

But the people still remain in the game.

The next step for the political class, now, is to remove self-reliance, thus creating dependence on the state or the collective. The establishment, very tactically, generates some type of motivation based on fear of scarcity. They induce a chaotic situation in which the people demand more security and more laws for the remedy. Frantically, they look to the ruling class for protection and are willing to let themselves be plundered–even more than they already are– in the name of more security.

And the sad thing is, most willingly give up a lot of their freedoms in exchange for a little bit of safety.

The people, as a whole, are usually oblivious to this happening. They don’t really care what’s going on or take the time to investigate some of the causes of society’s problems. They know nothing of the causes of 9/11 or the financial collapse of 2008. They don’t know why their tax dollars were spent on fighting a senseless war in Iraq, or Libya, or Yemen. They know little about the economic quagmire we’re in right now. As Chris Hedges wrote in his book, Empire of Illusion, “We accept the system handed to us and seek to find a comfortable place within it. We retreat into the narrow, confined ghettos created for us and shut our eyes to the deadly superstructure of the corporate state.”

When the typical person has a little time to themselves, reading and learning usually gets thrown to the back burner. It interferes with most people’s craving to be entertained. It’s cuts into TV time. Most Americans sit at computers, all day, mindlessly checking Facebook, Twitter, sports scores and emails. They work a lot because they’ve got a lot of debt to pay off. They have families to support. They are obedient and submissive to authority without a blink of afterthought. They have lives to live and cannot be bothered with the actualities of it. They just go with the flow.

These are the same folks who will show up in November at the polls and wear their little American flag sticker that says, “I Voted”, and will honestly think that they’ve done their part.

Control is now established.

The mission is complete.

But then what happens is a dissenting voice starts to rise. Independent and free-thinking individuals begin saying something that falls outside the established boundaries of approved opinions. Their views challenge the status quo. These individuals are usually those who step back for just a minute to look at what’s going on. Something isn’t right. They notice that the society they’re apart of is heading toward a cliff. The radical abruptly breaks from the ranks. But the people keep marching with pride.

Now the radical is involved, alert, and mentally fueled by the ignorance around them. They see a lie or a distortion and tell themselves, “The people must be warned.” So they do some research, look into some alternative sources and start to discover even more unsettling truths than what was initially seen.

This is when the radical starts informing people. They post articles on social media, talk to people and warn about the fabrications that most are just mindlessly excepting as status quo. They explain to people why they are being misled. Instead of dwelling on the symptoms of the crisis, like moderate Americans and the media does, the radical explains the causes of it. They explain who is involved and why. People start to listen.

But then the governing class catches wind of this small faction of truth-tellers. The ruling elite and high priests of society initiate a campaign of ridicule toward these individuals. They call them harsh names and warn the masses of their dangers. They divvy out empty phrases like “a threat to national security” and deem the radical a “traitor” to his country. Again as Chomsky observed, “That’s the whole point of good propaganda. You want to create a slogan that nobody’s going to be against, and everybody’s going to be for. Nobody knows what it means, because it doesn’t mean anything.” After the ruling elite gains support from the public, they work quickly to smash these dissenting voices.  And with the full force of cable news, newspapers and academia behind them, they are very efficient in doing this.

But who are these radicals and what do they believe?

The great philosopher of liberty, Murray Rothbard, explains in one of his greatest essays, that radicals are “Radical in the sense of being in total, root-and-branch opposition to the existing political system and to the State itself. Radical in the sense of having integrated intellectual opposition to the State with a gut hatred of its pervasive and organized system of crime and injustice. Radical in the sense of a deep commitment to the spirit of liberty and anti-statism that integrates reason and emotion, heart and soul.”

The radical, in truth, is one who recognizes that the state is a legal monopoly of force. The money they get is only abstracted by force on the workers and producers. They understand that the state is only in existence because of the public’s consent. And for the state to maintain this consent, they utilize deceitful and immoral methods to trick the public into trusting in its good intentions. The radical sees through all these shenanigans and promotes ideas of liberty, peace and sound monetary policies. The radical sees the state as a menace to humanity, and believes, with whole heart, that it must be abolished, and replaced with a decentralized form of localized governing.

This was the original intent of America’s founders.

Unlike typical Americans, radicals don’t push for reforms or moderate changes in policies. The radical calls for an all-out different way of thinking. They understand change will never come through politics because the game is rigged.  They understand that great ideas never require force. And so to live in a voluntary society the radical must appeal to the hearts and minds of the people. They must remind them that they hold all of the power.

The public in general looks at this “radical”, at least at first, with distaste and considers him or her a kook, a dangerous delinquent, an unpatriotic buffoon and a treacherous bastard. So the radical gets tossed aside for the time being. But he works cunningly and meticulously to get his ideas and warnings out to the people. Even with huge obstacles in his face.

But if we’re truthful to ourselves, we can’t deny the fact that its been the radical way of thinking that has been proven morally right over time.  Reasonable minds don’t have to look too far back in history to see this. It was the eccentric radical’s that have changed the world for the better. They were the brave ones who saw beyond the lies of their own place. As Plato once so keenly observed, “Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” They’re ideas never seem imperative in their own time, but in due course, will be celebrated. Time always lags behind revolutionary ideas, but it catches up and transforms the world we know.

Take Jesus Christ. Born into this world as a criminal and died to this world as a criminal. With the word criminal, meaning, how the “authorities” defined it.  As Jesus began teaching, the radicalism of his message intrigued everyone around him. He knocked down the notion of admiring men of power and prestige and taught that no man was above the law, not even government officials. He regarded tax collectors with those of sinners (Matthew 9:9-13) and saw the virtues of private property and free and voluntary trade. He taught people to avoid money hungry courts. He taught people how to raise their consciousness to see beyond this world of form. The irony of it all is that the same people he was trying to save killed him in the end for treason. I guess truth will always be treason in empires of lies.

Take William Lloyd Garrison. One of the lone fervent voices against slavery well before the Civil War. Nobody in politics wanted to associate with this radical who had the nerve to challenge the status quo of slavery. Upon being criticized for his fiery wit and polarizing language, Garrison retorted: “I have need to be all on fire, for I have mountains of ice about me to melt.”  He spent his whole life being called vile names, hazed, threatened to death, and scorned by a society he was trying to make right. As one Garrison biographer acknowledged, “he had the humanity to imagine a radically different society, the courage to insist upon its principles, and the faith to persist in agitation until his vision became manifest and the slaves went free.” He was a true radical in the cause of liberty.

Take Dietrich Bonhoeffer. As Wikipedia tells us about this great man, “Apart from his theological writings, Bonhoeffer became known for his staunch resistance to the Nazi dictatorship. He strongly opposed Hitler’s euthanasia program and genocidal persecution of the Jews… He was arrested in April 1943 by the Gestapo and executed by hanging in April 1945 while imprisoned at a Nazi concentration camp, just 23 days before the German surrender.”  In Germany, Hitler was democratically elected and the Nazi Party was applauded by most its citizens. It took men like Bonhoeffer, who believed as he once said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  While the majority sat by passively, Bonhoeffer decided, nope, I will not tolerate the evil upon us. In the end he paid the ultimate price for being morally just in an immoral world.

It was the radicals of America’s founding generation who agitated for the overthrow of their own coercive government. These radicals called for an all-out separation from their overlords of Great Britain, and with drastic measures, they finally threw off their monarchical allegiance for good. The founders, after the revolution, then formed a Republic based on individual liberty and peace, unlike today’s America of tyranny and empire. Thomas Jefferson, probably the most intense in his advocacy for liberty among the founders, believed the only true way to maintain freedom was to have a rebellion at least every 20 years. This is radical, but he was right, as long as the rebellion is peaceful.

There are a plethora of other examples we could look to, but, I believe you get the point.

As America is thrusting to the point of no return, morally and financially, now is when radicals are needed the most.

We have an out of control ruling class that are dumbing down our kids in the public school system. We let the huge pharmaceutical companies, backed by the FDA, conduct their own fabricated studies on the effectiveness and safety of their own products.  We’re overmedicated. We are passive. We are a society who remains silent as the President murders hundreds of innocent children by drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen. We let our military go all over the world to fight unnecessary conflicts without a declaration of war from congress. We let the President sign a bill that allows him to assassinate and jail any American he wants without due process. We have a media that reports whatever the government tells them to report and we believe them. We look to Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden as traitors for telling us what our government is really up to.

America has a huge epidemic of cognitive dissonance. We hold too many contradictory opinions. We brag about our freedom while despising those who show us that it just might be an illusion. There is a massive gap between what people believe is reality to what it in fact is.

As we salute our troops for “protecting our freedoms”, there is someone’s home in America getting raided, unconstitutionally, because it might be harboring a plant deemed a no-no.

It’s illegal to farm our own food and produce and sell our own milk.

The government’s “war on terror” creates more terrorists. The “war on drugs” creates more crime. The “war on poverty” makes us poorer.

The government racks up an unpayable 17 trillion dollar debt, and makes us believe it is our fault. “The rich aren’t paying their fair share” we cry out. It’s amazing.

Radicals are needed more than ever.

It’s time to return to a society based on individualism, brotherly love, voluntarism and peace. A place where the entrepreneurial spirit is applauded and war is always questioned. A country that the founders hoped we’d uphold.

Moderate American’s will never get the job done. They’ll just go on voting and remain quiet in living their ordinary lives.

Radicals are needed more than ever.

And the good news is…

They’re coming.

Thanks to social media, alternative media, brave journalists, Wikileaks, and whistle-blowers, normal everyday people are starting to hear the truth. The tide is turning on the old ways of the vertical, top-down structure of society. Peace and Liberty will one day be the pillars of our community again.

It must!


A Summer Reading List: Part I

Summer is a time for BBQ’s, beer, family, beach and hammock snoozing. It’s also a good time to catch up on some reading that you’ve been neglecting all year. Might as well read, if you’re going to take the time to do so, some of the most revolutionary books out there. Books that will help you understand the country you live in, the society you’re apart of, and also, to challenge some of the misconceptions you might hold as truths. Here’s part 1 of 3 of my summer reading list that will surely give you a better understanding about the world you live in.

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters—This is one of the greatest books written about the JFK assassination and it should be read by every American breathing today. The author not only proves that JFK was taken out by deep politics within the United States National Security State, but he explains why he was killed. The ‘why’ is the most important factor. In brief, JFK turned from a cold war warrior to a man of peace. He made enemies for not complying with the powers that be. He was a threat to the Military Industrial- Complex and had to be eliminated. A man of peace, with power, will surely meet his demise in a corrupt empire, especially if you challenge a war that brings great profit and power to government officials that hold the true power. Like I said, a must read.

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45—Butler Shaffer explains this important book as following, “In the late 1940s, Mayer (the author) went to Germany and got to know a number of German people quite well, actually living with some. These people had not been government officials or Nazi party leaders, but just the ordinary men and women who do the productive work in any society. He eventually began asking them questions about what it was like to have lived under the Nazi police state, to have endured tyrannical practices. Their virtually unanimous responses, as indicated by the title of the book, were that there had been no loss of freedom in Germany that, indeed, they had considered themselves “free” at all times!” In short, tyranny sometimes is disguised as patriotism. Some of the Nazi’s were just law-abiding, flag waving patriots of their own country just following orders. The evil that they conducted was justified in their minds as “serving their country.” You have to read this one!

A Renegade History of the United States—This was a fun and interesting read. It slices through the myths of a goody two-shoe America and shows how the outlaws and the fringe-of-society folks really made this country. From the book’s description on Amazon, the author “vibrantly argues that it was history’s iconoclasts who established many of our most cherished liberties. Russell finds these pioneers of personal freedom in the places that usually go unexamined—saloons and speakeasies, brothels and gambling halls, and even behind the Iron Curtain. He introduces a fascinating array of antiheroes: drunken workers who created the weekend; prostitutes who set the precedent for women’s liberation… there are also the criminals who pioneered racial integration, unassimilated immigrants who gave us birth control, and brazen homosexuals who broke open America’s sexual culture.”

The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War—From the historian and author of this phenomenal book, “The real Lincoln was a dictator and a tyrant who shredded the Constitution, fiendishly orchestrated the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens, and did it all for the economic benefit of the special interests who funded the Republican Party (and his own political career).” A new look at the beloved president.

Meltdown—This is the greatest book out on the financial collapse of 2008. The historian, Tom Woods, shows that it wasn’t the lack of government regulation that caused the housing bust, but rather, government intervention into the economy. Regulations, the Federal Reserve’s artificial interest rates and the demand for banks to reduce their lending standards, all helped contribute to the biggest economic bust since the depression days. And it was all predicted by a minority of economists who were laughed at on the mainstream networks when they tried to warn everyone. (Watch it here)  This book also gives a good account of what really caused the Great Depression of the 1930’s. From inside the flap, “Meltdown also provides a timely history lesson to counter the current clamor for a new New Deal. The Great Depression, Woods demonstrates, was only as deep and as long as it was because of the government interventions by Herbert Hoover (no free-market capitalist, despite what your high school history teacher may have taught you) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (no savior of the American economy, in spite of what the mainstream media says). If you want to understand what caused the financial meltdown–and why none of the big-government solutions being tried today will work–Meltdown explains it all.”

Part II will continue next week.

How I Became an Anarchist


  “Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”~ Edward Abbey

First let me define what one of the most misinterpreted terms actually means. Most folks think disorder, chaos, lawlessness, violence and communist punks throwing Molotov cocktails in buildings when they hear the word Anarchist. Nothing can be further from the truth. An individualist anarchist believes in the idea of living in a stateless atmosphere absent of political force. Anarchism is the crazy notion that life should be conducted through voluntary interactions with other individuals within one’s own community. Anarchists despise living under any system that uses threats and coercion as a way of governing. Anarchism, in short, is peacefully participating in the complexity of living and being who you are unhindered from institutional threats of force.

Right before the financial collapse of 2008, I was, what is so commonly referred to as a Neocon. This is a modern-day conservative who believes that the government is great when Republicans are in office and horrible when Democrats are in. I believed that all wars were just even though I didn’t know why the wars were being fought or with who. It didn’t’ matter. I voted for George W. Bush because he said Jesus was his hero. I watched Fox News and thought I was being fed the truth. And as a former veteran, I believed that we should of been funding the military industrial-complex infinitely. I also believed that the “terrorists” hated Americans because of our freedoms. I fell for the limited government lies the GOP peddled out to their gullible electorate. I was that guy.

Then the 2008 financial collapse happened. How come CNBC didn’t warn us about this housing collapse? How come nobody in the media had a clue this was about to happen? Aren’t they suppose to be our watchdogs? Why did the so-called conservative president state that “I’ve abandoned freemarket principles to save the freemarket system”? Wasn’t this collapse caused by government meddling in the free-market in the first place? Why is the Fed artificially pushing the interest rates down? Doesn’t this hurt savings? Why did the same financial gods that helped cause this mess get a bailout? Isn’t this fascism? This wasn’t capitalism.

Damn it all to hell. I finally came to the conclusion that it’s all a scam. Politics is bullshit. Thanks to for opening my eyes.

But what I finally discovered was that there were a few people out there trying to warn everyone about this bust. They were the great Anarcho-Capitalists like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Marc Faber. Peter Schiff was warning about the collapse a few years before it happened only to get laughed at by a bunch of jackass talking heads. You can watch it here. I came to the realization that truthtellers were not welcomed on mainstream media outlets or in political office. Voters are so used to being told lies that any truths that they do hear are immediately ridiculed or ignored. It’s easier to be content in lies than it is to accept reality. When someone does tell some kind of uncomfortable truth, like Ron Paul did in the 2008 Republican debate, you can expect them to get either booed, censored or chastised. (Watch it here)

527339_366723706749026_261244590_nThe 2008 collapse alone, along with actions taken immediately following, put the final stamp on my skepticism of “government of the people, for the people and by the people.” So after a lot of reading and watching speeches from Ron Paul, I came to believe what the Irish philosopher, Gerald Casey, acknowledged in his wonderful little book called, Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State, that…

States are criminal organizations. All states, not just the obviously totalitarian or repressive ones…. I intend this statement to be understood literally and not as some form of rhetorical exaggeration. The argument is simple. Theft, robbery, kidnapping and murder are all crimes. Those who engage in such activities, whether on their own behalf or on behalf of others are, by definition, criminals. In taxing the people of a country, the state engages in an activity that is morally equivalent to theft or robbery; in putting some people in prison, especially those who are convicted of so-called victimless crimes or when it drafts people into the armed services, the state is guilty of kidnapping or false imprisonment; in engaging in wars that are other than purely defensive, or, even if defensive, when the means of defence employed are disproportionate and indiscriminate, the state is guilty of manslaughter or murder.

This sums up the essence of governments. We’ve been conditioned through government schools to believe that the State is good and we should obey its commands like good little citizens and never question their madness. People whose viewpoint falls outside the political parameter set by the Republican and Democrat vision are looked at with scornful eyes from the deluded masses. They look at Anarchism, Libertarianism and Voluntarism as a wicked and dangerous form of belief. And in an age of limited thinking and authoritarian worship,  it’s no wonder most put their full trust in the brutal entity of the state instead of the peaceful interactions among their fellow people. But as Butler Shaffer points out, we can’t…

ignore the history of the state in visiting upon humanity the very death and destruction that its defenders insist upon as a rationale for political power. Those who condemn anarchy should engage in some quantitative analysis. In the twentieth century alone, governments managed to kill — through wars, genocides, and other deadly practices — some 200,000,000 men, women, and children. How many people were killed by anarchists during this period? Governments, not anarchists, have been the deadly “bomb-throwers” of human history!

Another venture that took me down to my philosophical conclusion was reading Murray Rothbard. This man was a giant in the liberty movement and wrote many books and essays on about everything under the sun, including: History, Economics, Political Theory, Utilitarianism, Anarchism and Sociology. The book that transformed my world outlook was For a New Liberty. In this one book, Rothbard laid out the greatest, logical explanation for living in a stateless society. He also wrote hundreds of essays in which you can read here.

What we do when it comes to political power, is we compartmentalize our morality. We don’t hold a group of people, like the State, to the same moral standards as we do an individual person. If a certain person took a machine gun and wiped out a group of people, we’d call that mass murder. But if the State does this, we call it war. And we justify it through mentally convincing ourselves that the innocent people over there are just “collateral damage” to our noble cause.

Anarchists understand that wars are fought to expand the power of the State. History informs us that the first casualty of war is the truth. We also recognize that the State only exists through the consent of the governed. To keep the support of the people, the State deploys a massive propaganda campaign to make sure the masses believe that their overlords are representing them. So they put gasoline on the patriotic fire by creating enemies that we must go in and conquer. This gets the Flag-wavers, unable to critically analyze events, to blindly chant “USA, USA, USA” , while the government ravages their freedoms, bank accounts and future prosperity. The State also rally’s up some tedious difference that causes debate within the two parties as to blind eyes to the bigger picture. This always works, just turn on the boob tube and see for yourself.

Today’s world is filled with empty people walking along life’s journey stripped of a soul and of their own mind. We need to recapture what makes us human again. Institutions like the State, work in ways to dehumanize all of us and they reduce us to nothing more than robotic machines. We’re told from birth to act a certain way, think a certain way, believe in this, vote for that, support this, abide by that…etc. We have to stop this madness if we have any hope for the integrity of the sovereign individual. Anarchism holds the individual as a sacred being that should be fully free to peacefully interact with others. Anarchism is the only moral idea that holds true to the principles of non-aggression, private property, free and voluntary exchange, and self-responsibility. And again, Shaffer explains…

‘Anarchy’ is an expression of social behavior that reflects the individualized nature of life. Only as living beings are free to pursue their imagesparticular interests in the unique circumstances in which they find themselves, can conditions for the well-being of all be attained. Anarchy presumes decentralized and cooperative systems that serve the mutual interests of the individuals comprising them, without the systems ever becoming their own reasons for being. It is this thinking, and the practices that result therefrom, that is alone responsible for whatever peace and order exists in society.”

Governments have failed miserably in the past century. War, genocide, slavery, political corruption, backroom deals, inflating our hard-earned currency, taxation without representation, and I could go on and on. All these immoral actions are conducted while at the same time mortgaging our future. Do you honestly think that we’d be worse off without a government? All governments are the enemy to the individual and nothing short of a stateless society would let people thrive to their full potential. This is when we’d finally capture the true essence of who we were meant to be. And ending with the words of Emma Goldman, “People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”

To get a better grasp and a more in-depth analysis on how living in a stateless society is possible, read this article here by the greatest Anarchist philosopher of all time, Murray Rothbard. He answers the common questions like–Who would teach our kids?  Who would build the roads? What would we do about criminals? Etc.

Here is a great reading list that every freedom loving person should devour. (Click Here)

My Debate with A Christian Warmonger

Recently, one of my family members shared a post I had on my Facebook page called “I’m Not Voting”. You can read it here. A great philosopher of freedom, David Gordon, brings forth just a quick, ethical reason on why he’s not voting in the presidential race in a few days. He hits on some moral issues on why I too, am not voting in this race. Well, this didn’t go over to good with, what I like to call, a Disciple of Democracy. This is the debate that followed between myself and a woman whose name I’ve changed.

DOROTHY: If you don’t vote you have no right to complain.

ME: If you do vote you have no right to complain. The non-voters have used Reason to consciously decide not to choose between puppet A and puppet B which are both evil. If you love liberty, the constitution, the free-market and peace, I don’t know how anyone can endorse any of these two so-called candidates, who represent everything opposite of what our Founding Fathers tried to establish.

DOROTHY: Not to vote is to vote. It’s a vote for the current socialist administration.

ME: I agree with you 100 percent Dorothy, about this horrible administration. But my disdain for Obama doesn’t fuel my enthusiasm for the socialist Romney either (who promises not to cut anything and won’t balance the budget until 2030). Anyway, our government is the most powerful, corrupt, imperial entity on the planet, they’re not going to let “elections” get in the way on their agenda. That’s why our choices are between these two fascist clowns. The only option is to withdrawal our consent to be governed by those who’ve exceeded their constitutional allotted power. Change is not going to happen via the political process; like the American Revolution, it has to come from the hearts and minds of the people.

DOROTHY: Totally disagree with you and think you have your facts wrong on Romney but you won’t change my mind and I won’t change yours. I know I will answer to God for what I did with the freedom He gave me to vote so not to vote is not an option for me.

ME: I don’t mean to go back and forth, but I like these conversations! Do you honestly think Jesus Christ, the Man of Peace, would really want you to vote for someone who utilizes force for desired purposes? Don’t you think a lot of Christians these days have replace their faith in God with that of American democracy? A few months ago, an American Drone strike killed innocent civilians during their wedding. Kids were killed. This happens all the time, but you don’t hear about it. Can we morally justify these murders just because it’s our “side” that has done it? I believe Jesus wants his followers to evade evil, not participate in it. I think the government is beyond repair and it’s up to the people to use the great Christian principles of Peace, Honesty and Love to transform our own little communities.

DOROTHY: God ordained government. And I’m not sure where you get Jesus is the man of peace. That’s no where in scripture. Read Revelation. He’s coming back as a lion to destroy the earth. He is the Son of God and if you read the OT you will see God commanded war of his people. Until Christ returns we all have to do what our consciences tell us to do knowing we will stand before God in the end. I’m not a one issue person. To me the war to be concerned about is the war against unborn innocent babies. The war against our freedom of speech. The war against marriage between a man and a woman. The war against our economy. The war against small businesses and the class warfare being waged. These are the many issues we face as a country and these are the issues God is going to hold us accountable for.

ME: “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6).

DOROTHY: Is Jesus really a man of peace? Wait till he comes back! –he fights the Anti-christ and conquers the whole world. Also, he wasn’t so peaceful when he cleared the Temple that one day. Nevertheless, it is true when he was on the earth that he taught his disciples to ‘turn the cheek’. He never lead an army or even resisted his own arrest–but went willingly to his death.
But he also said in Luke 22:36
“But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag, and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.”
Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for war and a time for peace. You have chosen to be a one issue voter and that is your decision. I think that is extremely short sided but that is why our freedom is so important. We can have different opinions. But that freedom could be taken away because of your short sidedness.

ME: Oh Dorothy, your perverted view of the scripture is why Christianity is in such decline. Your comments are very disturbing, illogical and almost sounds Jihadi like. “Flipping the table over” is not mass murder. It seems like your hatred for anyone who thinks outside of what you’ve been conditioned to think overpowers your ability to decipher between good and evil. Am I really a “one-sided” voter. I have about as many reasons for not voting for the lesser of two evils as you have for voting for it. I think you went off the rails a little bit with these comments and I truly believe these unsound thoughts that you and some people harbor is why America is in such massive decay.

DOROTHY: Wow. Superior you.

ME: Not superior, just awake.

Now, you can see that some of her arguments are very elementary. Unable to have a thought of her own, she’s forced to the regurgitation of talking points from Glenn Beck or Fox News.  You can tell she is set in her ways and no amount of evidence, facts or ideas will ever change her worldview. She has completed her intellectual growth process and will block out all other logical explanations that doesn’t mesh with her set outlook. And she will be smug and self-satisfied with this lack of knowledge for the rest of her life.

One of the most startling things in America today is some of the distorted ideas that are peddled by some Christians. This woman embodies the self-righteous nationalism that fuels the divisiveness in our country. Unable to have peace in her soul, this woman snags a few verses from scripture to substantiate her appetite for bloodshed on anyone who is not like her or thinks like her. She is a hypocrite in the worse way. She claims she cares about “the war on babies” here in this country, but doesn’t have a care in the world for them in another. For some reason I don’t think Jesus views the world with geographical boundaries. But unfortunately, humans do, especially Americans.

Anthony Gregory eloquently points out in a great article that “attempting to reach people on the merits of peace and the perils of war is not always easy, particularly when they hold tightly to what they believe are teachings of their religious faith that validate or even endorse war. With millions of Christian Americans drawing their attitudes toward war from the bloodthirsty lessons of pro-war clergymen, it is not too surprising, but nevertheless disappointing, to see so many replace faith in God with faith in the state, and respect for the teachings of the Prince of Peace with the calls for blood coming from the god of war.”

If Christians are to save the country, they’d be wise to start emulating their Savior instead of acting like the Roman soldiers who crucified him.

For further reading on Christianity and war, I highly recommend a book by Laurence Vance called Christianity and War; And Other Essays against the Warfare State. (Click here for it)

Also, I highly recommend a phenomenal essay about Christianity and war which you can read here.


25 Signs you Might be a Neocon

Here are 25 signs that you might be a one of them new age conservatives known as Neocons…

  1. If you are skeptical of the government’s domestic agenda like meddling in the economy, regulations and Obamacare, but have unwavering faith in the government when it comes to foreign policy, you might be a neocon.
  2. If you love to talk about “freedom” and “liberty”, but support the government’s expensive and deadly war on drugs, you might be a neocon.
  3. If you are proud that you belong to the “Party of Lincoln”, a president who shredded the Bill of Rights, declared war on his own country, subsidized the railroad industry, evaporated states’ rights and destroyed any possibility of the United States to have a limited decentralized government, you might be a Neocon.
  4. If you consider Ronald Reagan, who increased the deficit and expanded government, to be your favorite president, you might be a neocon. (See my take on the real Reagan here)
  5. If you support a family values agenda, which allows the state to physically force good morality onto its subjects, you might be a neocon.
  6. If you love to talk about the constitution but ignore it when it comes to the part about the power to declare war resides with congress, you might be a neocon.
  7. If you think people who refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance, which was wrote by a socialist, to be un-American, you might be a neocon. ( See why I don’t say the Pledge here)
  8. If the extent of your knowledge is conceived through mainstream news agencies or Rush Limbaugh, you might be neocon.
  9. If you’ve ever said, “I like Ron Paul except for his foreign policy”, you might be a neocon.
  10. If you are highly critically and are always knocking Obama and didn’t have this same disdain for Bush, who both have over 95% of the same policies, you might be a neocon.
  11. If you love to quote the Founding Fathers but have never really read anything they’ve ever wrote or said, you might be a neocon.
  12. If your intellectual grasp on the constitution is from what protrudes from the mouth of Bill O’Reilly or any other lame talking pundit, you might be a neocon. (See Tom Woods here)
  13. If your patriotic fervor numbs any ounce of empathy outside these imaginary borders we call a nation, you might be a neocon.
  14. If you believe that the so-called terrorists want to kill Americans because of our freedoms and not because of our government’s aggressive, inhumane foreign policy, you might be a neocon.
  15. If you hypocritically have a strong stance against abortions here at home, but the killing of innocent children by US drone strikes all over the Middle East doesn’t faze you, you might be a neocon.
  16. If you believe the Patriot Act to be patriotic, you might be a neocon.
  17. If you think that bringing the troops home from two unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is stupid because Charles Krauthammer said so, you might be a neocon.
  18. If you think that George W. Bush was a decent president even though he increased overall government spending more than any administration since LBJ, unleashed a string of undeclared and bankrupting wars and submitted to socialism to fix the “free-market”, you might be a neocon.
  19. If you believe, in defiance of our Founding Fathers, in preemptive war to achieve desired ends, you might be a neocon.
  20. If you naively think that a nation can have a limited government while at the same time maintaining an empire, you might be a neocon.
  21. If you think that George Washington’s warning  to “steer clear of entangling alliances with any portion of the foreign world was misguided, and cling to an unconditional support for Israel, no matter the cost, you might be a neocon.
  22. If you vote for the lesser of two evils in national elections and don’t realize that you’re still voting for evil when you do this, you might be a neocon.
  23. If you insanely  want to bomb Iran even though it’s been shown that they’ve stopped their program to build nuclear weapons and are willing to talk to the US government, you might be a neocon.
  24. If you believe Marco Rubio is the future for the conservative movement, even though he voted for the NDAA bill that demolishes individual liberty, you might be a neocon.
  25. If you’re going to vote for Mitt Romney, who was the author of Obamacare, supported the $7 trillion Medicare part D and the 2008 bailouts, and really in your heart believe that things are finally going to change, you might be the biggest neocon of them all. (I explain why I don’t vote here)

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Vote

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” 

~Emma Goldman

The main reason I don’t vote anymore is because it doesn’t matter. It’s futile and a waste of precious time. When the media, politicians or academia tell you that your voice matters, they’re lying to you. Your voice is useless. They know that, but you don’t.

I bet some of you right now reading this think that I’m either a wacko or just pure wrong. But I’d also bet that you can’t tell me one example when voting really impacted your life. Let’s be honest with ourselves, voting in a democracy amplified by imperialism and  controlled by financial vultures and military interests is a charade. It’s just a manufactured illusion to get the masses to assume that they’re being governed with their own approval. Voting is consenting to be ruled by unlawful men. I stopped consenting. And you should too. Butler Shaffer put it perfectly when he wrote “If I am of the view that politics is destroying our world – and let us not forget that politics managed to kill off some 200,000,000 of our fellow humans in the 20th century alone – am I prepared to direct my energies into such a destructive system?”

Here are the top 5 reasons why I don’t vote…

  1. There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. This should be the most obvious and apparent reason not to vote. But most folks actually believe there is a difference.  Both parties believe in deficits, debt, endless wars, loose monetary policy, corporate-welfare and coercion. Both parties want to obliterate our civil liberties. Obama ran his campaign as a polar opposite of G. Bush. Amazingly, his presidency is like Bush on steroids. They both have over 90% of the same policies. And what’s crazy is, Obama has actually extended the Bush wars and illegally invaded a few more countries unconstitutionally. He has actually been worse than Bush on Wars. Who would’ve thunk it? And the Republicans think he’s weak on Foreign Policy? What? I’d hate to see who else they would’ve bombed. Obama also raved against,with good reason, the Patriot Act implemented by Bush that allows the government to wiretap phones, spy on emails and conduct warrantless searches. Everything opposite of a so-called free country. So when Obama took office, not only did he not abolish this horrific law, but he signed something extremely worse. The NDAA bill gives the president the power to assassinate American citizens who he deems a threat without due process. Democrats are supposed to stand for civil liberties. Obama has obliterated the Bill of Rights. For more on this, click for my blog here.  The two-party system is set up for the people to blame the other side rather than government as a whole. It also restricts and isolates anyone who might think outside the boundaries of the Republican or Democrat chain of thought.
  2. Voting is unethical. All American politicians abide by the principal of using force to alter behavior. They believe in spreading they’re ideas-whether domestic or foreign- through coercion and compulsion. So by voting, you indirectly endorse the use of physical force and violence to correct behavior on people who harm no one. I don’t believe that the state should be allowed to kidnap an individual and throw them in a cage for smoking a plant. I do not believe the notion that the government should have first dibs on the fruits of my labor. I don’t believe the government has the right to invade other countries without a declaration of war. I don’t believe in the pentagon using massive drone strikes around the globe that is resulting in the murder of innocent children. All politicians endorse these criminal acts and so voting for them is to be complicit to their crimes.                                                                            
  3. Voting is theft. Most people vote, not for the candidate, but for what they offer.  Poor people vote for Democrats, because they promise them welfare checks. Defense contractors vote for Republicans, because they promise them wars. Farmers vote for whoever is going subsidize them the most. Christians vote for Republicans because they support religious programs and fund a family values agenda. The unemployed vote for whoever’s going to extend unemployment benefits. Senior citizens vote for whoever funds Medicare and social security. So the whole voting scheme is picking someone on a ballot who promises to steal money from productive people and give it to them or they’re institution. Or they vote to restrain by law other people’s action they don’t agree with. Whether its money or freedom…its theft. As William Graham Sumner once wrote, “The history of the human races is one long story of attempts by certain persons and classes to obtain control of the power of the State, so as to win earthly gratifications at the expense of others.”
  4. Democracy is a horrible form of government…so I refuse to participate in the whole system. Democracy is a cute little professional name for mob rule. It’s when 51% of the people have their way over the remaining 49%. I don’t vote because I don’t want to impose my views or system on you as I would not like for you to impose your views or system on me. The founders of our Nation thought democracy a harmful form of government. They realized it always led to despotism, which we are witnessing now, and then strangles itself to death in the end. John Adams understood this when he stated that “democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” Finally, in the great words of H.L Menken, “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
  5. Voting makes you think politically instead of economically or individually to fix problems in society. When we vote, we are giving the approval to some self-serving politician to fix the troubles in our community. When a crisis stirs the community or the nation, we tend to look for someone to rule over us and tell us what to do instead of choosing to deal with it ourselves. Instead of looking to the state for a remedy, we should start looking to ourselves to improve our own way of life and the lives of others. Politics and central planning is the problem we have to overcome.

In truth, America is run by a few elite. We’ve evolved into an oligarchy in the worse way. Every four years these elite put on a show called elections. The masses participate in this show falsely believing they’ve inherited the opportunity to change their country’s destiny. Unfortunately they play right into the oligarchy’s hands.  This false impression is what leads us down the same road decade after decade. And just as Goethe said, “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” So if you cherish individual freedom and self-sovereignty…don’t vote. Revolutionary change always begins with the withdrawal of the people’s consent to be ruled over.

Lincoln, Wilson & FDR: Mythical Presidents and Americans Who Worship Them

The characteristics of a great president are one who abides by the constitution, protects individual freedom, doesn’t overreach their designated powers and honestly represents the people of the country. So my question is: Why are Lincoln, Wilson and FDR always considered by academia, media, historians and most people, the greatest presidents in American history?

All three of these men as president overreached their designated powers, ignored the constitution and failed at peace. These three presidents took on a dictatorial role in governing this country and exploited the will of the people. And coincidentally, all three participated in the biggest wars the modern world has seen. Should these presidents be celebrated and admired for overseeing the most bloodiest and avoidable wars in our countries short history? And then on the other hand, peaceful presidents like Grover Cleveland who vetoed 2/3 of all bills that came to his desk because he actually abided by the constitution, barely make a history book, let alone a face on Mount Rushmore.

Abraham Lincoln, practically worshiped by the both political parties, is arguable America’s first real dictator. As all other civilized countries abolished slavery with peaceful measures, Lincoln plunged America into the deadliest war in its history, killing over 600,000 people. The motive of this war, according to Lincoln didn’t have anything to do with slavery. “My paramount object…”, Lincoln wrote, “is to save the Union, and is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it.”

By waging war on his own country, “Lincoln did not hesitate to act as a dictator when doing so served his purpose”, according to Robert Higgs in his great book, Against Leviathan. During the war, Lincoln imprisoned political dissidents, skeptical war journalists and anyone who questioned his war effort.  He suspended the writ of habeas corpus, closed down newspapers, monitored telegrams, enacted military conscription etc. Because of Lincoln, individual liberty took a backseat to tyranny for the first time in the United States since its secession from the British Empire.

Was the death and destruction as a result of this war really justified? Or was it waged so Lincoln could “maintain boundaries of an existing federal union, as if those boundaries possessed some sacred status.” Lincoln never respected the states, congress or the constitution; seemingly, he was a manipulative politician who didn’t believe slavery worth fighting for and instead, according to Gore Vidal, had an “overriding vision: to save the Union” and form “it into a modern industrialized, national state so powerfully and tightly coherent that nothing can tear it apart again.”

Again and again we’re taught that Lincoln was an honest and noble man who cured the disease of slavery in America by virtue of his precise actions. But in reality, it’s just part of the gallant narrative to glorify the state and to rationalize the atrocities it has committed on its own people.

In the end, the war resulted with the death of 3 percent of the population (many were civilians), decades of economic stagnation and the massive expansion of the government. And Lincoln, until his dying day, insisted on the deportation of all blacks, because he truly believed they would never fit into society with the white man.

And yet, millions of Americans each year go to DC and stand in awe at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial to idolize the so-called “Great Emancipator.”

Woodrow Wilson, the intellectual academia idol, was responsible for the biggest foreign policy blunder in the past century. According to the historian Jim Powell, Wilson’s intervention in Europe during WWI “ushered in revolution, terror, runaway inflation, dictatorship and mass murder.”

During this senseless war which killed over 9 million people, Wilson used his authoritarian power to imprison people here at home who dissented against America’s intervention, labeling them “treasonous” and “traitors.” As Americans were told the troops are overseas fighting for their freedoms, here at home their freedoms were be squashed in result of the war effort.

War is always the biggest oppression of freedom, but it’s always sold to the people as the direct opposite.

A wave of totalitarian repression swept across the “land of the free” during this horrific time. Wilson’s war was waged, like all American wars, through propaganda and for economic interests. This war resulted in many unnecessary deaths, domestic tyranny and ended with the disastrous Versailles Treaty-which wrongly put the blame for the war on Germany. This inevitably led to WWII.

It should be of no surprise that Woodrow Wilson, a man who lied his nation into war and whose actions ultimately paved the road to another World War, would win the Nobel Peace prize in 1919.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is another president who is utterly praised as one of the greatest. Twelve years into FDR’s Great Depression, WW 2 was blazing in Europe. FDR promised the people that he wanted no part in involving America with another foreign war. Little did the people know that the president was hungry for this war. The polls prior to the attacks on Pearl Harbor showed a whopping 80 percent of the American public opposed to entering another war in Europe. FDR needed more support.

Thanks to America’s Freedom of Information Act and Robert Stinnett’s well-researched book, Day of Deceit, the author came to the unfortunate conclusion that FDR knew well in advance of the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor. The author of this great book show’s how Japanese transmissions were indeed intercepted my the U.S government, which confirms that FDR knew of the attack prior. Evidence also shows that FDR withheld vital information from the Admirals in Pearl Harbor that could have been used to prevent the attacks. Instead of going to the people and pleading his case for American involvement in this war, Stinnett illustrates, instead, that FDR provoked Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.  The president successfully maneuvered Japan into “firing the first shot”, his thought-out conniving plan all along. After this “surprise attack”, FDR now had overwhelming public support. The backdoor into WWII was now opened.

The truth is, FDR provoked the attack and sacrificed the lives of over 2,000 Navy men to gain support for his war effort. Americans were duped yet again into another war. Some say that FDR lying the US into war is justifiable because Hitler needed to be stopped. This is a credible argument. Hitler was an evil maniac. But so was Stalin, who FDR befriend in alliance with the war effort.

John V. Denson makes a good point in his book, A Century of War, when he writes, “A huge monument has been erected in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the ‘greatness’ of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. On the monument is a quotation from Roosevelt—‘I hate war’—indicating falsely to the public that he was a president who sought peace rather than war.” Instead of this propaganda “perpetrated upon the American people”, Denson recommends that a recording of the Pearl Harbor sailors pleading for life, trapped inside the hull of the half sunken battleship Oklahoma, be played “every hour at the Roosevelt Memorial to remind Americans of the treachery of their commander-in-chief.”

The reason we’ve been hoodwinked into worshiping these three presidents is because they embody the absolute power of the state. We’ve shed the dreams of liberty, peace and prosperity from our Founding Fathers and adopted an imperial outlook for our country. Americans love war or I should say, the idea of war. We have been conditioned to espouse the militarism mindset purveyed to us from all outlets of our society. We’ve grown accustomed to permanent war.

American patriotism is rooted in an orgy of preventable wars, totally oblivious to the ill-conceived origins and of the stifling of freedoms that comes with its aftermath. In America, the adoration for the flag and its patriotic zeal is derived from the misguided sense of the righteousness of its wars. The notion that political leaders might have a devious motive for waging a war never entertains the minds of the country’s “patriots.” The war effort always has blind support. This is how the state so easily bamboozles the masses to conform to its purposes and atrocities.

As time passes, history is written with a favorable tone toward those who led these so-called great wars. Rarely are the intentions of these leaders scrutinized or criticized. But instead, they’re glamorized with a heroic storyline. This is what gives birth to the patriotic myths of a nation. This is what gives birth to the mythical heroism we allot our political leaders.