9 Atypical Pieces of Advice for My Kids

In this unbalanced world we all inhabit it seems that reason, nowadays, is being drowned by conventional wisdom. And as history proves, conventional wisdom has been off beam most of the time and has usually led societies to destruction. Everything we have been taught is mostly askew and I think it might be time for our generation to unlearn all the bullshit that has been assailed at us for so long.

After 31 years of living on this planet, this is what I’ve learned and what I will pass on to my beautiful kids. Of course I’m going to instill in them the universal values of hard work, respect and love. But that’s not all. I’m also going to teach them principles that go against everything in our orthodox culture.

To stand apart from the madness of crowds and make their own path guided by their own individual voice is my goal for them. Here is some of the atypical advice I’ll recommend to my kids while growing up that’s probably frowned upon by most….

  • DON’T GO TO COLLEGE:… if you don’t want to. College makes you dumber and broker. All these kids are getting their little paper degrees, with no worldly experience, trying to get jobs that don’t exist, it’s a tragedy.  Most of them get out of college with unpayable debt, wrecked livers, low paying jobs and end up living with mommy for the next 10 year. It’s sad. It has been engrained in us from birth that we have to graduate High School, go to college, get a job and “make something of ourselves.” What a crock. These days, colleges are in cahoots with the federal government, who shackle the students with unforgivable federal loans for life. Government is also the cause for the insane price of tuition. Instead of college, travel and see the world. Gain real world experience in an ever-changing global economy. Or take up an apprenticeship in a field that is going to thrive in the future. Take your creativity and fuse it together with your passions and start a business. Learn a trade. Empirical and pragmatic living is the future for success.
  • DON’T EVER BUY A HOUSE: This is the biggest scam of my generation. The “American Dream” creed was propelled to us from all angles of society including the government, banks and all these dim-witted financial advisers. It’s a myth. The white picket-fence and manicured lawn kind of life doesn’t bring happiness or security. Rather just 30 years of enslavement to the bank. Stay renting. Stay mobile. It’s a rapid changing world we’re living in, don’t be confined to one spot. Mortgages are slavery. You give up dreams, desires and a whole bunch of income to interest when strapped to your wallet-draining house. Read this funny, but truthful article called “Why I Would Rather Shoot Myself in the Head than own a Home.”
  • NEVER HAVE A CAR PAYMENT: The average car payment is $400 a month. Just say you defied society norms and instead, invested that money. In 35 years you would have $1.5 million. Is a car payment really worth it? Buy beaters with cash and do it over and over again. I think $1.5 million is worth rebelling against the “status” cliché that comes with buying a new vehicle.
  • DON’T GIVE TO CHARITY: Instead, give your money directly to someone who needs it or to your church. Charities are poorly run bureaucracies that cannot efficiently allocate the resources it obtains. Use your money to start a business and hire people in the community. There is no better way to utilize your money for the betterment of society than entrepreneurship.
  • NEVER JOIN THE MILITARY: I can’t emphasize this enough. The military is run by corrupt politicians, fraudulent banksters and corporate interests. Our federal government is no longer able to restrain their imperial powers. They use the military for domination of energy rich countries in the guise of “War on Terror” to fatten the pockets of their little cronies. It’s not our grandpa’s service anymore. The nobility of it has been stripped away thanks to our bloodthirsty politicians. I highly advise you to read Eisenhower’s last speech as president in 1961. You can read it here. He knew this was coming.  Stay clear!
  • DON’T WATCH THE NEWS: The news doesn’t report what you need to hear, it reports what they think you need to hear. A great portion of what they report is all lies. They only function as the mouthpiece for the government and are owned and guided by corporate interests. Get your news from independent sources or from overseas news outlets.
  • DON’T VOTE: As Emma Goldman said once, if voting changed anything they’d make it illegal. So true. Avoid deliberately enslaving yourselves. The act of voting gives folks the illusion that they really have a voice in a democratic society. They don’t, but are oblivious to this fact. We all go to the polls every 4 years and vote for our favorite politician (whoever the powers that be have chosen of course) to be the next leader of the “free world”, expecting change. It never changes. It’s the same old political hogwash every time. We don’t learn…we’ll show up again at the polls in 4 more years expecting change. It won’t.  The founders tried to prevent this type of voting system that allows this type of tyrannical structure of majority rule. They’ve failed. We’ve failed. I equate voting to voluntary suicide. It’s a slow, drawn out process to utter ruin. Plus…have you seen who the good little citizens have voted into office in the last 100 years. Geez. They have a horrible track record.  Don’t encourage the criminals that run this country. Don’t waste your time at the polls.
  • CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS SOMETIMES NOBLE: When society is marching in unity to utter destruction, it’s not immoral to break from the ranks, no matter what the rules are. If the Nazi’s would have been disobedient to their masters and laws, millions of Jews would have never been tortured and killed. Hitler was elected by majority vote. If the Founding Fathers never had withdrawn their consent to be governed by a despotic king, there would be no America. Read Henry David Thoreau’s, Civil Disobedience, at least once a year.
  • SEEK OUT TRUTH-TELLERS (AKA RADICALS):  The truth-tellers that have challenged the conventional wisdom of every age have always been casted aside and labeled with names like “fringe lunatics” and ” radicals”. Time has proven over and over again that those same lunatics have been right majority of the time. Some examples include the Anti-Federalists, who during the revolutionary period warned that the constitution is doomed to fail and predicted a civil war in America if implemented. Another was the abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison who went against the whole social order before the Civil War and brought forth drastic measures to abolish slavery that were deemed insane.  And  Tom. T. Flynn, who during the FDR years, was one of the lone critical voices against the New Deal’s socialistic policies. These folks were on the fringe in the period of their lives but have been justified with time. They were right. The modern-day example is the Texas Congressman, Ron Paul, who daily exposes the fallacy and illusion of the two-party system, military-industrial complex and freedom. He’s the one that warned us of 9/11, a housing bust and a dollar collapse. He’s labeled loopy by the mainstream. Time will prove him right and he will be the one that mattered to your grand kids.  And as H.L Mencken put so eloquently “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”


2 responses to “9 Atypical Pieces of Advice for My Kids

  1. I agree with every thing you said! I was just thinking this morning how I feel like I’m being duped at every turn and that nobody in power has our best interest at heart. Preach it!

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